Why You Should Stay in an Inn When Visiting the Countryside of England

The English countryside boasts many different aspects than visiting bigger towns and cities. The countryside has much more outdoor activities and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy while staying in inns. Here we look at some of the best reasons as to why you should visit the countryside when travelling through England.


Being a tourist, the last thing on most travellers’ minds is to see wildlife in England. The countryside boasts a lot of wildlife to see. The woods, mountains, meadows, and forests have a variety of animals and birds. Visiting the coastline, you can also spot some dolphins, seals, and whales.


The English Countryside has an abundance of quaint villages. Wandering around some of the villages in the countryside is a completely different experience as to what you would get from visiting the cities of England.

Walks and Strolls

The English countryside has many walking opportunities through the forests and hiking trails are also available through counties such as Shropshire. More challenging trails are available with the coastal paths and cliffs that lead to the beaches.

Country Pubs

Country pubs are found all over the countryside with many inns having in-house pubs providing a great experience to take part in many of the traditional beers and drinks the local brewers have to offer.

The History

The countryside counties such as Shropshire has a lot of rich history to learn about. Shropshire possesses many historic towns including Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Ludlow, and Coalbrookdale which is seen as a significant town due to being the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Some of the specific historical factors of Shropshire include skyscrapers, sweet peas, and iron manufacturing.

More history can be found in Norfolk and other counties throughout England.

Scenic Landscapes

The English countryside has some of the most beautiful scenic views of landscapes to admire with the breath-taking hills, rivers, and miles of green fields. The beaches are pristine with clear water and sand to enjoy on warm days or to take a stroll. The forests are great for adventurers wanting to explore.